AltitudeAlert is the first GPS altitude based alerting app for General Aviation pilots using the iPad or iPhone.

Designed with the IFR pilots in mind, AltitudeAlert provides a capability once only allowed to those with a panel mounted altitude preselector, but at a fraction of the price.


• Never again worry about searching for a piece of paper to write down and remember your altitude clearances.

• GPS Altitude based alerting!!! NO SEPARATE BAROMETRIC PRESSURE DEVICE REQUIRED.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Altitude Alert uses a special algorithm to correct for the GPS altitude error that increases with the increase of altitude.

• Altitude Alerting and Monitoring.

• Alerting for supplemental oxygen use for both pilot and passengers.

• GPS accuracy monitoring.

• Pilots that primarily rent aircraft will immediately see the safety benefit in all aircraft that they rent.

• Aircraft owners will see the safety benefits without the high cost of adding a panel mounted altitude preselector or a separate iPad connected barometric pressure sensor.

*** AltitudeAlert is available SEPARATELY for iPhone or iPad in the App Store.  ***  



• 5S, SE, 6, 6+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, and iPhone X.


​​• iPad Air or newer, iPad Mini 2 or newer, iPad Pro.

• Wifi + Cellular (Wifi ONLY iPad requires an EXTERNAL GPS connected to the iPad such as Bad Elf Pro or Stratus 1S and 2S) *** Not Applicable to iPhone.

​• iOS 9.3 or Higher for iPad.  iOS 11 or Higher for iPhone.




• ALT Setting Switch to toggle local altimeter in either In Hg or hPa.
• Under the hood optimizations & Bug Fixes.


• Land Mode Optimization.
• Bug Fixes​.


• Initial Launch.



• More under the hood optimizations
• Fixed a bug that inhibited the PAX OXY Alert from illuminating above 14000' after making an adjustment
• Added an alert to notify you when the Reference Altitude Alerting System has been stopped due to inactivity when the aircraft is not moving for 30 min.
• Fixed the version label from being displayed in the Slide In mode


• Bug Fixes and Optimizations.


• New Alert Parameter Settings!  Now you can control at what altitude AltitudeAlert generates its alerts.
• Enhanced Alert Testing for testing your iPad and headset prior to flight.
• Bug fixes and improvements.


​• ALT Setting Switch to toggle local altimeter in either In Hg or hPa
• Under the hood optimizations


 Corrected a display bug when the User Interface was "Swiped In"


• Altitude Quick Sync.

•  Corrected a bug uncovered that inhibited the iPad GPS from being activated in iOS 11.
•  Small UI fix when using AltitudeAlert in landscape mode while the in "Slide in" with another App.
​•  Introducing the new and improved LANDING MODE monitoring!
• This safety feature has only been available to pilots with more sophisticated GPWS or EGPWS systems.
​• When the Landing Mode is selected manually (or automatically), AltitudeAlert will generate a 1000' and 500' alert.
​• For pilots of retractable gear aircraft, "Check Landing Gear Down" is added to the 500' alert (see the User Guide in the HOW TO section).​


• iOS 11 Compatibility.


• Under the hood optimizations and squashed bugs.

• Updated to work with iOS 10 and take advantage of iOS 10's new enhanced Notifications!
• Redesigned User Interface.
• "Touch Zones" with popup numeric entry pads added for manual adjustments.
• Added a Test Audio button to set audio alert levels prior to takeoff.

Control your "Altitude"!

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