Make sure that Multitasking is enabled on the iPad.  Go to the Settings App>General>Multitasking then select/verify that "Allow Multiple Apps" is enabled. (see below)

If you don't see the Multitasking option in the General page, then your device doesn't support this mode.

Below is a list of common issues and fixes for using AltitudeAlert for iPad.

Q. Slide in, Slide out doesn't work any more after upgrading to iOS 11.  What gives?

A. This mode is available on the iPad Air or newer, iPad Mini 2 Retina or newer, and iPad Pro or newer.  If you have a model that supports this mode, follow the steps below:

A. Apple completely redesigned App Multitasking with iOS 11.  Please refer to the User Guide below for specific changes.  Also check out Apple'siPad Multitasking support page for iOS 11.

Q. I can't figure out how to get the Slide In, Slide Out mode to work?...

For answers to most questions and operating instructions, please click/touch the button below to download the User Guide.


Q. I keep getting multiple "Low Accuracy Alerts"

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A. Reboot the iPad

• Complete a “Hard Reboot” by simultaneously holding the iPad’s ON/OFF and Home buttons until the display goes black. DO NOT release the buttons until you see the white Apple logo. Then restart the app and try again. Usually this will solve any GPS issues.

• However, if you continue to have accuracy issues, check to make sure that the iPad is located in a position that has an unobstructed view of the sky.

• Also make sure that the iPad is not located near a device that emits a strong electrical field, heated windows are the most common culprit.